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After marrying his wife Joy in 2007, Samuel moved to the Kansas City area to begin teaching at Blue Ridge Christian School in the summer of 2008. By November, he and Joy had discovered Summit Woods Baptist Church, where they later became members. While attending Summit Woods, Samuel was able to participate on the worship team; he and Joy served together in the children’s ministry, and Samuel later became an interim leader in the junior high and high school student ministries. From there he decided to pursue seminary training at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in order to prepare for serving full-time in the local church. While attending seminary, Summit Woods graciously released him in the fall of 2013 to begin serving at Central Baptist Church in Northeast Kansas City. While attending Central, he was presented with the opportunity to become the Pastor in July of 2013. Presently, he is serving as an elder and pastor of Central.

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Joseph and Abbie Williams moved to the Historic Northeast in 2018 desiring to live in and among the cultures of the world that are all right here. After both spending time overseas in college, they have had a desire to speak the truth of the Gospel to all peoples in all places and urge others to magnify the Lord among the nations! Joseph and Abbie have 3 kiddos, Atticus (born 2016), Hazel (born 2018), and Merit (born 2020). Joseph graduated from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and served on staff until transitioning to full-time ministry in the Northeast in 2021.  Joseph and Abbie are thankful to serve alongside the fellowship of believers at CBC and pray that the Lord would use the Gospel’s work in us to spur others on to faithfulness and joy in the glory of God! 

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